Providing a range of confidential legal advice and consultative expertise to business enterprises, government, and other public bodies on international human rights law, as well as other socially responsible business practices such as compliance with ILO standards on health, safety and the treatment of workers.

GRC also provides advice and legal representation in the fields of international criminal law, public international law and international trade and development.

Providing Legal Advisory Services
  • Legal advice to business, governments and other public bodies to address potential civil and criminal liability
  • Review of legislative framework, including labour and workplace practices, to ensure compatibility with national and international standards and human rights law
Training Courses
  • Training course on standards of the International Labour Organization, UN treaties and other national, regional and international standards to ensure responsible business practices
  • Training and guidance on implementation of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights
Responsible Business Practices
  • Performing social/human rights impact assessments, or audits, of the potential and actual human rights impacts arising from business activities
  • Drafting policy statements that define how the activities of a business comply with labour and human rights
  • Drafting other corrective and preventative action plans to fit a company’s specific needs
Associated Legal Services
  • Global Rights Compliance has recognised experience and expertise in various areas of international and domestic law, including:
  • International criminal law
  • Public international law
  • International trade and development
  • Other services

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