Managing Partner Wayne Jordash QC presents the Council of Europe’s Business and Human Rights Course

On 10 May 2017, Managing Partner Wayne Jordash QC was in Belgrade to participate in the launch of Council of Europe’s HELP Business and Human Rights Course in Serbia. Participants included a select group of Serbian judges from commercial courts, including the court of first instance and appellate court.

The HELP Business and Human Rights Course was developed by a working group of experts and supervised by Mr Jordash. It is specifically designed for legal professionals who play an important role in helping businesses achieve compliance with human rights obligations.

The course brings together the basic sources of law that are relevant to states and businesses, identifies their respective obligations to protect and respect human rights, as well as the minimum steps to take to mitigate those risks.

The Council of Europe's HELP programme aims to support the 47 member states’ efforts in implementing the European Convention on Human Rights at the national level. It works to ensure adequate training in Convention standards for legal professionals and domestic dissemination of the European Court of Human Rights case law.

To learn more about the HELP programme and the Business and Human Rights Course, visit the Council of Europe's website.